Atacameña Women Alliance

Indigenous women play a key role within their communities, as well as in society at large. This role encompasses the intergenerational transmission of their cultural and spiritual traditions, the living history of their peoples, and the promotion of sustainable development. It also includes participation and representation in social organizations.

With the aim of carrying out a series of actions to strengthen the role of the Lickanantay women, the Atacameña Women Alliance, AMA was formed. This initiative takes shape through an Advisory Committee, composed of Atacameña indigenous women from the Atacama la Grande territory and representatives from SQM Salar.

AMA seeks to create a permanent dialogue platform with women from the territory, providing a space for discussions and agreements on topics of community interest related to the role, development, and work of Atacameña women.

The Advisory Committee, a key body for the implementation of the AMA Project, has the main role of overseeing the achievement of the Project's objectives and determining the focus areas of its plans and programs. To date, this body has proposed a work plan with specific actions under four strategic guidelines: the promotion of entrepreneurship and business development, health, education and training, and the well-being of Atacameña women.

Work Tables

To help implement the strategic guidelines, the members of the Advisory Committee have in turn formed four work tables that allow for a more detailed approach through specific projects. The work tables focus on:

  • Agriculture, water conservation, and land care

    Seeks the diligent use and care of natural resources, as these are so precious and valued by the culture and the Atacameña Woman.

  • Health and Healthy Living

    Space focused on the healthcare of women from the Atacama territory.
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  • Cultural Heritage and Environment

    Space focused on the maintenance, care, and enhancement of Lickanantay culture.

  • Productive Promotion and Trade

    Space dedicated to exploring new ways to add value to products, empower entrepreneurs and businesswomen, and coordinate strategies with other public or private organizations.
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