Programs AMA | SQM

The working groups are formed to collaboratively advance on various axes that allow for the development of specific actions on matters relevant to the women of Atacama la Grande.

These four themes were defined by the Advisory Committee, being fundamental for the improvement of their quality of life.

Productive Promotion and Trade

Space dedicated to exploring new ways to add value to products, empower female entrepreneurs and businesswomen, and coordinate strategies with other public or private organizations. The purpose is for Atacameña women to develop productive enterprises, aiming to establish local economic growth through the creation of alliances and networks to enhance female entrepreneurship.

Cultural Heritage and Environment

Space focused on the maintenance, care, and enhancement of Lickanantay culture. The purpose is aimed at empowering Atacameña women to undertake actions to rescue and valorize both the tangible and intangible cultural heritage and the environment, towards fostering memorability for heritage preservation. This is achieved through the establishment of alliances and networks for the enhancement of culture, heritage, and the environment.

Health and Healthy Living

Space focused on the healthcare of Atacameña women in the territory. The purpose is to ensure that Atacameña women have sufficient and timely access to healthcare, aiming to improve their well-being and quality of life, as well as overcome social vulnerability.

Agriculture, water conservation, and land care

The agriculture board seeks the diligent use and care of natural resources, which are highly prized and valued by the culture and the Atacameña Woman. Advancing with concrete actions to highlight agricultural/livestock activities, showcasing them as part of the axis of territorial sustainability and identity. The purpose is to appreciate the ways of life in Atacama la Grande and to implement and understand technology and innovation for the development of sustainable agriculture and livestock farming.